carte blanche:
complete freedom to act as one wishes

Carte Blanche is the culmination of our rooted
exploration into different cultures – past,
present and future. It is an expression
of international luxury with a soul that
is firmly grounded in India.
It is the blank page on which we write all our stories.

Ours is the careful practice of imprinting
the best of our hand-illustrated ideas on
to single-origin heirloom quality silk,
thus crafting timeless pieces of everlasting luxury.

Versatile, beautiful, functional and
ethical are the cornerstones of
our design.


Our belief in designing things that
endure comes with the aim of
 reducing environmental impact,
  supporting heritage crafts,
  and opposing exploitative practices in
  the textile industry.

Single Origin Fabrics

We develop fabric with our selected
partners only, to ensure they are
produced ethically and responsibly.Our
silk is 100% pure Silk Mark certified by

Sustainable Processing

Our partners are commited to
reducing environmental impact during
silk manufacture. They use AZO-free
dyes, fair wage and safe labour practices
and manage effluents in full-scale
treatment facility.

Silk wastage is recycled within the value
chain, while post-print waste is upcycled
by us into small fashion items.